How to adjust the drive belt on your Performax drum sander
A tutorial:

There's something to be said when one of the most simple tools you own takes longer to adjust that one of the most complicated machines you own. It took me at least 3 hours but I've finally figured it out. I have a Performax 10-20 so your mileage may vary.

By now you've probably got a belt that needs to be changed anyway because you couldn't get it to track properly so it chewed itself up on the inner (motor side) edge.

1. So go ahead and pay for a new belt.

2. Take the end plate off and loosen the adjusting bolts enough to slide the old belt off. Loosen the two nuts that hold the adjusting mechanism underneath the bed just enough to let the mechanism move.

3. Clean both the rollers.

4. Install the new belt and adjust the inner tension bolt so that it takes all the slack out of the drive belt on the inner side.

5. Turn on the drive motor and observe the tracking. Be patient because the drive belt has to stretch. The drive belt will track towards the slack side.

6. Turn the inner adjustment bolt in 1/3 turn increments until the drive belt begins to slowly track towards the outer side. This will be slow so keep the drive motor up all the way to full speed and you may see 10 rotations before you see any movement at all.

7. If you find you can't get it to track towards the outer side and you have the inner bolt tightened super tight, turn off the drive motor, loosen up the adjustment bolts and take the belt off and flip it over to reverse it. Repeat step 6.

8. As soon as you notice the belt tracking towards the outside, loosen the inner adjustment bolt 1/8 turn at a time until you see the movement stop. Turn off the drive motor, tighten the two nuts underneath the bed that you loosened earlier then tighten the inner adjustment bolt 1/3 turn. This will slowly start the belt to track towards the outside, you may not notice any movement at all. Turn the drive motor back on.

9. Now slowly tighten the outer adjustment bolt until all the slack is taken out of the drive belt then stop and observe the tracking. Let it track at least 10 revolutions. If you're lucky, it will stay where it is, but be prepared to adjust your bolts in 1/8 turn increments or less until it tracks perfectly. The key is slow adjustments and allow the belt to stretch before final adjustments.

10. Replace the outer plate and crack open your favorite beverage because brothers and sisters, you have now accomplished something.

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You can buy spares at Cheap Cheap mention Woodnet. Keep your old belt to measure the correct size when you order
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Thanks Tim, for the excellent tutorial.

Adjusting the drive belt is one of the few things I have really struggled with on my P-22/44.

Otherwise, it's a great machine....and has made me a more precise, consistent, and therefore better woodworker.
I don't have a 10-20
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I use a 1/4 of of. turn and a 1/16 turn. Much more accurate that way.
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Thaks, I am just about to do my first replacement and this should help
Bones™ said:

I don't have a 10-20



The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

I don't have one either.

Still this should be made sticky, so when I do, I'll have it ready for reference,
Should work on my 16/32. I have two extra belts from Industrial Abrasives just waiting to be installed. Thanks for the tutorial.
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Thanks for the tutorial, I'll be sure to use the info when it comes time to change the belt on my 16-32.

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