Duncan Phyfe Dining Table in progress
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I have started work on a Duncan Phyfe style Dining Room Table. The closest on-line image i can find of such a table is located at The Federalist.

While the overal design is very similar, my pedestals have a slightly different shape.
The table will be 52" x 14' (yes, that's feet) when fully assembled. The table proper (as shown in the link above) will be 52" x 8' in 2 sections that are 48" x 52" wide. This will make for the standard table that will be in use daily. When needed, a additional section can be placed in the center. This section is a single pedestal with 4 legs that adds 28" to the length. The center section is used as a server when not in use (more on that later). Then if I ever move into the White House, I can add the two leaves that are 18" a piece, giving me a 14' table. No, I don't have the room for a 14' table....yet. Still, it is better to build it all at once.

So, I acquired two very large Mahogany boards. They were 28" x 16' and 22" x 20'. From these two boards the top boards are being machined.
Below is the 28" board after having one 5' section cut off.

The 28" sections will form the two end-most pieces and the center section.

The second board is cut into two 20" x 52" pieces and two 18" x 52" pieces. The 4" offcuts will be used later. They will not be wasted.

After all is cut to rough dimensions, they were placed on the fence to judge placement and grain patterns. This caused a lot of neighbors to stop by while i kept moving these really large boards around and just staring at them for a while. In the picture you can just make out my triangles marking position and placement.

The legs will be made from 12/4 stock and the top has stringers underneath to HELP maintain flatness (more on this later)

All of the wood minus the turned urns is in this picture. For reference, there is 34' between the shop and the house.


After that back-breaking day came more back-breaking work. I don't have a 30" jointer or planer. There is only one way to flatten these. So, out came the #8 and three weeks later we reached a point that I like.

I really considered going to a local cabinet shop that does have a 60" wide belt, but I wanted to do it in house.

The outer sections were glued together and squared giving me two giant boards at 48" x 52".

The other boards were squared and trued and then I began to cross-band the top.

I really like doing inlay. I find it fun. I like the meticulous nature of it. I acquired a 12" x 10' piece of quartersawn beeswing-figured satinwood. The 12" means a LOT less joints than I would usually do. The edge is excavated using a trim router with edge guide to form the inside lip and a block plane to remove the rest of the waste.

Here you can see the process of doing the cross banding. A lot of cutting, taping, clamping, etc.

A close up of the cross banding in process:

Today I got one of the large sections complete. The rounded corners are the only difficult part. Here you can see the figuring a bit better and the grin match on the two pieces is pretty good. This one was sanded after the banding applied. What you see on the banding is figuring, not glue.

In the next week, I will finish the cross banding. I am nearly done with the second large top. The leaves will not take much time, as straight sections go really quickly.

I will then make the 8/4 stringers. I will then put the top aside and work on the pedestals. The urns were turned a while back (about 2 years ago).

I will update as I make progress.

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Impressive project. Thanks for posting this for us. Look forward to seeing progress. Ken
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Holy crap! Now that's some nice boards.

Looking forward to following this thread.

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Nice work...

Thanks for sharing so far.


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Those are some monster boards you have there . The figured banding looks great . I can't wait to see a finish on that beautiful wood .
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Thats is an Impressive project.
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Now THAT is a real project. You have my utmost respect for taking on something like this. I also find it interesting because I have had a Duncan Phyfe style table for about 30 years (not nearly as nice as what you are building). It's sitting in the basement storage room. My wife has been trying to give it away for 10 years but I won't let her. One of these days I'll drag it out, patch it up and re-finish it.
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Appreciate the build-along description and photos. Looking forward to the next update!
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  Re: Duncan Phyfe Dining Table in progress by loosetoe (I have started work ...)
Wow! Congratulations on your stealth wood gloat.

Many thanks for sharing this ambitious project. I look forward to progress reports.
Thanks,  Curt
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I'll be watching this with a keen eye. I just refinished our Duncan Phyfe Dining table, and SWMBO asked when i would be making one that was longer - say around 14 feet.

I've got a long list of projects, but a table like the one you are building is on my ww bucket list.

Thanks for sharing.
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