Post pics of your homemade tools
My last effort has been this saw. I think I allready posted some pictures on this forum. It is 18" long, folded steel back, beech handle, 10 ppi rip cut.

A2 Steel Mortise Chisels

Bow Saw

Scribe, Gouge and V carving tool
Wow those are very nice and love the handles .

I am drooling again nice job on the tools for those who have posted .


I learned a lot doing this and could do a better job if I did it again. Still, they're the best chisels I've ever used and hold an edge better than any of the new, vintage, or Japanese chisels we have in the shop. Accurate heat treating of O-1 steel makes all the difference.

Not bad for a beginner, Larry.

Those are darn fine looking chisels. They would be remarkable if they hold an edge equal to a decent Japanese chisel.

Are you planning to sell them?

To everyone those are some darn fine tools. Hard to pick out a favourite. There are some excellent saws. I like the style of Corneel. And Dom does good turning. But there are so many others ...

Have I any shopmade tools to show? I'm not sure.

Here are a few diverse choices ....

Bridle plough plane (ALL of you - note the spelling of "plough" !!! ) ...

Strike Block Plane on a Ramped Shooting Board ...

30" Jointer ..

Router Plane ...

Small Mitre Box and Carcase Saw ..,

Jack plane ...

and a BU infill smoother ...

There are a few more, but that would be showing off .....

Regards from Perth

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Here is a shot of some of the things I've made for myself (and others!) in the last couple of years.

Shown in the pic:

- 30" curly maple jointer plane with inlay
- Mjolnir, mallet of the Gods
- Walnut and copper plow plane
- beech strike block plane
- A couple of Seaton Chest squares
- A couple of dovetail markers
- My walnut and curly maple winding sticks.
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I've got quite a few, so I'll just post some of the highlights:

Bow saw made with a TFWW kit with spalted pecan.

Stair saw made from one of Dominic's kits, also from spalted pecan.

Set of marking gauges in cherry and spalted pecan. I kept the one on the left and passed the rest on to others.

I've got a lot of spalted pecan on hand.
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Some very talented people here on WoodNet. I find myself coming back to this thread to look at all the eye candy quite often. Still drooling over the chisels that Larry Williams made.
Great thread providing lots of inspiration. Any way to make sure this one lasts?

I'm sure most of these you've all seen before. There's a few other things too along with some back saws that I might post later, just don't have any pics right now.

No purchased parts in this infill. I machined everything in this one except for a couple of roll pins.

Spokeshaves made from mahogany salvaged from an old level.

Irons along with two piece cap irons.

Tapered irons for my plough.


Take care,

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