Secret Santa 2014!
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Step right up and sign up for the 2014 Secret Santa Extravaganza!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we scour the Earth, or the wood pile, for that “ever so perfect” gift for your fellow woodnetter.

Here’s how it works:

To participate, all you need to do is send a PM to me, highpi. A post in this thread does not count, only a PM does. I will then respond with the next steps. This is to protect the form's link from web crawlers and possibly getting spambots filling in entries. All communication after that will be via email.

Entries will be accepted from September 3 to September 25. Details of your recipient will be sent along by September 30.

After the closing date, entries will still be accepted until October 25 for late arrivers, however there is no guarantee I will be able to match you up.

The rules are simple: if you sign-up, follow through on the commitment. If you are going to be late on delivery, let me know so I can notify the giftee for you. And, if it turns out that you need to back out completely, let me know as soon as possible so I have time to reassign your giftee. Also, when mailing your gift, please use a method that will have a tracking number. This will make it easier to find if a gift goes missing.

Gift guidelines and advice: Send a real gift, not a gift certificate. Read their old posts to learn about what are their needs or interests. Check out other forums they may participate in, check out their Lee Valley, etc wish list, or just do your best - some things are universally needed and appreciated. If you don't have a lot of posts and think you may be a difficult person to gift for, now's the time to add to your post count, innocently discussing the merits of various tools.

Most of all, have fun, start early and communicate. Hopefully, this will be another great year.


Also, I'm looking for a helper this year. Just PM me if you are interested. I forgot to ask last year, so I'm putting it out there early. You will assist with all that is Secret Santa and then next year the torch will be passed to you. For the most part, it's a pretty easy gig. More time than anything.
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I get to be a part this year after having to miss last year. PM sent.
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  Re: Secret Santa 2014! by highpi (Step right up and si...)
I don't have the time. I don't have the time. I don't...

I'm in!

Aram, always learning

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  Re: Secret Santa 2014! by highpi (Step right up and si...)
PM sent.
Jim home of the Chain Leg Vise.
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PM Sent - thanks for taking the time and effort!
  Re: Secret Santa 2014! by highpi (Step right up and si...)
I'm in, PM sent!!!!!!!
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Woodnet Secret Santa rocks. I'm in!!! PM incoming.

Thanks for ramrodding again this year.


I only regret the tools I didn't buy!

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  Re: Secret Santa 2014! by highpi (Step right up and si...)
I'm in. Had fun last year. Used goodies received on a regular basis.
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  Re: Secret Santa 2014! by highpi (Step right up and si...)
I'm already in. Secret Santa is a lot of fun as a gifter and a 'getter'.

I am the lucky recipient of several tools that are used on a regular basis, including a Stanley spokeshave and a small crosspein hammer. It is the perfect size and weight for many of my tasks.

Let the fun and merriment begin!
Bob Page
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  Re: Secret Santa 2014! by highpi (Step right up and si...)
I don't have time either, but aw, what the heck. Count me in this time around.
Steve S.
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