CBN Grinding Wheels
I originally wrote this for Woodturning Design, but right after I wrote it, they folded. It was too long for the AAW magazine, so I am posting it on my web site. About 4,000 words. I think it covers every question I have seen on the woodturning forums.

robo hippy
Thanx for that, I have a CBN wheel and I do luvs it. I couldn't get the stone wheels to balance wortha darn. after reading your article I followed a link youy had on there and they have a dog-gone good price going right now for those interested in upgrading to CBN wheels.

Linky 2 wheels for the price of one for 5/8's shafts...
That IS a good price. $249 for two wheels.

Thanks for the link. THat just may have been the final straw. Although, now do I get the 80 grit and 180 grit, or the 80 and 220, or the 180 and 220 ???

Why can't grinders hold 4 wheels with spacers instead of just two?

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You mean you only have one grinder????

robo hippy
No, don't be ridiculous, Reed!!

But I only have space in my turning room for the Tormek, Rikon grinder, Baldor buffing machine, Grizzly buffing machine, and VS mandrel setup used for power sanding. I'm just running out of space.

Putting all the CBN's on one machine would be nice.

So, which to choose???
" The founding fathers weren't trying to protect citizens' rights to have an interesting hobby." I Learn Each Day 1/18/13
I think you are on to something. Beall has the three buffs on a mandrel. Why not 4 CBN wheels?

Will post for food.

Great guy to deal with!
Great article, Reed! I went with the D-Way 180 grit CBN a couple of years ago with the radiused edges. In one of your pics, you do exactly what I do with highly swept scrapers - the radius allows the swept back portions to be ground without rotating the handle all the way to the side.
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Bob Atchison said:

Great guy to deal with!

Is the arbor on those wheels the same width as the wheel itself (1 1/2")? I'm wondering if my grinder's shaft is long enough. I know D way (I think) offers some that are counterbored just for shorter grinder arbors.
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Yes, they are. I have thin washers furnished by him on each side.

Call him and talk with him.
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Mine are on a Standard 8" porter cable grinder.

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