Best paint? Polycrylic over top?
I have a two part question.

In your opinion what is the best water based paint to use on cabinets? I recently purchased Sherwin Williams Emerald because they told me at the store it was their best product but I've read a couple bad reviews on it since. I have a cabinet project that the customer wants painted white but before I start using the can, was wondering if anyone had experience with or it or experience with a paint they really like.

Second do you guys usually apply of clearcoat over top of it or just let it be? I have a gallon of polycrylic that I was going to spray on, but wasn't sure if it's needed over a high quality paint.

Thanks for any advice
Benjamin Moore Advanced (Dove White or is it White Dove)
Don't put anything over it.
My 2
Poppa's Woodworks

I think it is a Woodnet rule you always get at least two completely contradictory answers to your questions.

As such, and in all seriousness, in contrast to Trusty's response I do encourage a single coat of water base poly over painted furniture.

The poly prevents the paint from being scuffed and scratched, which it seems to happen easily. Latex, even when dry, has a rubbery stickiness to it that seems to be problematic, although this goes away after a few weeks or months. In general., I am starting to coat any painted furniture with WB poly. Minwax polycrilic works just fine.

If it matters, I use Benjamin Moore paints. Have never tried Sherwin Williams. Also, just water based latex and enamels. No experience with oil or other formulations. I usually prime with Zinnsser seal coat.

If you use a 100% acrylic paint on the furniture it shouldn't need a top coat of any kind. Just avoid using latex (as in wall paint).
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Wow. Times have changed. In about 2008 when I reported I had used Polycrylic over WB enamel, I was run over by the WoodNet train. Now it seems to have come out of the closet. I had such good results then that I'm putting three coats of Polycrylic over two coats of Sherwin Williams ProClassic Acrylic Enamel on the painted surfaces in my van conversion.

In addition to added durability, the Polycrylic adds a hard-to-describe depth to the surface.

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