"Stanley Jack"
That's all the auction listing said about this lot, It looked like a very rusty 604 and i was worried it might be pitted. I figured what the hell, I would put in a low bid and worst case scenario have some parts for the boneyard. (These are their pic's not mine.)

I knew once I opened the box it wasn't a 604 but it took awhile to get through the rust to expose the 604 1/2 in the corner! I had to strip off all the japanning and give it a long bath in Evapo-Rust, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of pitting. Just some small spots on the lever cap and some shallow pitting on the face of the blade (which I might swap out for an as yet purchased Hock). After pic's below with the obligatory fluffy shavings.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part! $12.00 for the plane, $9.50 for the shipping for a grand total of, $21.50!

ps. I did replace the knob. It was functional but chipped at the base and I had a few laying about.

Thanks for looking!
Good job on the restoration and congratulations on snagging a good tool!!
Mark Singleton

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Nice job. What did you use to replace the japanning?


I only regret the tools I didn't buy!

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You got ripped. That's not a jack. I'll give you $25 and shipping and you can keep looking.

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Hey you removed all the patina.
Nice restoration.
Hey!!!! That's my plane. It fell off my truck 22 years ago. Thanks for shining it all up for me, let me give you my add..........
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Always nice to see an old tool restored. You certainly did a fine job and the shavings look nice.

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Red Green

I can't believe no one else has said this....,YOU SUCK!!!!
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You. Suck.
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