mower part two
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well that sucks. The parts came in. Put the new transmission pulley on. Replaced the drive belt. Adjusted the brakes (so I now have brakes). Replace the left rear tire. Replaced the front stabilizer bar which holds the front part of the deck mower up, 1/2 thick and somehow the previous owner managed to bend it. New blades, tune up. Cleaned it up all around the pulleys and transmission since I had the fender and every thing off. Got everything back together.

Turned the key and boom, starts right up. Brakes actually held it in place in neutral and the mower stops on the hills. It actually drove better, when turning tight corners it actually kept going, seemed to handle the hills better. Now I don't have an excuse to replace it with a kubota like the one my neighbor loaned me.

Ignorance is bliss -- I'm very, very happy

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