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Hi, All,

I recently picked up an 8" Sargent brace. Do the jaws on these usually have a spring to keep them open? These do not, and I don't see a spot for one.

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Older ones do not, got pix?
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These do not.

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Yes, thanks, that's what they look like, minus the alligatoring. Sargent 258

It makes sense from looking at them that there wouldn't be a spring, but I was hoping I was wrong.
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Not the end of the whirled that it doesn't. Hold the brace so the chuck's facing straight up when you put bits in; the jaws will tend to fall open.
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Nice to have, but you really don't need springs, unless the jaws were designed for them and even then they tend to stay aligned enough to insert the bit.

Braces are funny, in that they are really simple tools and most anyone will work for you unless its totally rusted out or broken. I just generally pass on braces if they are not Yankee 2100/2101 or don't have a "Holdall" or "Lion" chuck, or unless it is particularly clean, but I do buy all the 8" and 6" throw braces I can find in good shape.
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I have one or two braces without springs, and I just keep the same bit chucked in them all the time. One is a rosehead countersink, and the other is a bit driver with a Phillips head bit. I really like the convenience of having a dedicated brace for frequently-used bits.
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