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On the back of our home is a screened-in porch. Several years ago while having a new roof put on we had some extra money from an insurance settlement (hail) and used it to get covers for the gutters kind of like the ones on the page below. The top one.

The problem is that about 1/3 of the roof over the main part of the house drains onto the screened in porch roof, and during a heavy rain the gutter gets overwhelmed and the water splashes over the gutter, onto the chimney, and right onto the screened in porch. This only happens right by where the downspout from the main part of the roof is.

I do not know how to fix this. I thought of running some sort of pipe from the downspout through the gutter guard. I cannot, though, figure out what sort of pipe I'd use and I don't think that would look very good and my HOA is a bit witchy.

I've also thought about just taking off the gutter guard as this part of the gutter is right over the outside porch and with a 6 foot ladder I can easily clean it. I can't, though, figure out how to remove the gutter guard.

Any ideas?
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Call the company that installed it. They should have a good idea ot two

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It reads like ya need larger downspouts to handle the capacity.
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My gardener charges me $50.00 each fall to clean out the gutters. It seems to be as good a solution as any.
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Remove a short length of gutter guard (but I have no idea how to do that), and add a deflector (thin aluminium sheet, same color as the gutter) to the outside of the gutter to stop the water from overrunning the gutter.

I've also seen leaders from higher roof sections brought all the way to the gutter, with an elbow to direct it along the gutter rather than just letting it crash and fly over.

I also remember my parents' house having an aluminium splash 'widener' to spread the water flow over a larger width of roof so it didn't run over the top of the gutter in a narrow stream. That is a cedar shingle roof, with cedar gutters, and very steep at 12-on-12, but it's something I remember, so I thought I'd mention it. FWIW.

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