Birdseye Maple Cutting Board
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Blended tool use, but hand tools were a critical part of the process, so I figured I'd put it here.

The woman that cuts my hair knows I'm a woodworker and one day asked me to try and fix here favorite cutting board. She let her employee try first, but made it worse with what ever glue she used. I decided to build her a new one. The original was purchased from Crate & Barrel and was maple with a custom hole for a colander. I had some birds eye maple that has been in the shop since I bought the place and was included with the purchase of the house. I used a power planer and TS for initial dimensioning, but prepped the edges for glue up with my veritas jointer plane and then flattened both sides, after glue up with my veritas BUJ plane, with a toothed blade. I routed the center hole with the old board as a template and then realized I wouldn't be able to use the old board as a template for the rabbet. I grabbed my veritas mini router plane and had at it after tracing the rim on the board. Half way in I realized if I had the right bit and bearing size I could have done this with a powered router, but I didn't have the right bearing and although it was a little tedious it was more fun this way. I sanded it all smooth and then pre seasoned it for her with some homemade spoon butter, I made. I used mineral oil, beeswax and added some vitamin E for shelf life. Thanks to everyone in the finishing section for the tips. I gave it to her today, along with a jar of spoon butter and she was very happy. This was my first cutting board and I will probably make more, since this was the only one that required a custom hole, so regular ones should be pretty easy.

Thanks for looking (let me know how the picture size is, I forgot to edit them, but they look fine on my screen)
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Very nice, Bob. Well done.
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That looks great!

Really pretty wood, almost too nice for a cutting board. But also too nice to just sit around the shop your whole life.
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Thanks for the compliments guys, yeah it is pretty wood, but I didn't realize how pretty until I buffed it out. I still have 2 more of those boards left plus what is left of the one this wood was cut from. My BIL is hitting me up for one now. I'm going to be sending a care package down their way that should cover me for their recent house purchase, Christmas and her next Birthday and will now include a cutting board.

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That's some sick Maple, nice job

I agree, too nice for a cutting board. I hope you gave her good care instructions. I'm having indigestion thinking of that awesome wood in a dishwasher.
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wow, nice job!!
See ya around,
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Your pictures are fine but that wood is the star, it has amazing figure. Nice work with the hand tools!
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Spoon butter? What is that?
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It's called different things, I've also seen board cream, but it is a mixture of mineral oil, beeswax (other waxes can be used) and a capsule of vitamin E, just for longevity. There are quite a few recipes online. Many suggest after proper seasoning to just wipe it on when the wood looks dry. I received lots of advice here on spoon butter and mineral oil, which is non drying, based SB is best for butcher blocks and cutting boards and SB made with walnut oil are best for utensils because they dry and build a protective layer. Let the SB soak in and then buff it out until it is non greasy and you're good. Someone might stop by with some better info, I fairly new to it's use, but have made some small amounts of it and played around with it.

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That is nice work. You should get free haircuts now.


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