summer saws
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Hi woodnetter,

most of us like to watch tools. So here are just a few pics what we've done during the summer.
Hope you enjoy.

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The second one handle looks like Masur Birch which is my all time favorite even tho I never used it before.

It just has so much natural figure to it.

Now both saws are well Wonderful. If I ever got one I might be tempted to never use it and put it in a case.

It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

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Beautiful work as always. Really love the second one.
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Nice, Pedder, Klaus! The Maple complements the handle form so well in the first. And, then [Arlin's Birch?] spices the mass of the metals in the second. Thanks for giving us a peek.
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Beautiful, as usual. i agree, that Masur Birch handle (if that's what it is) has great character.
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Thanks for all the kudos. Yes the first is tiger maple and the second karelian masur birch. That is a wounderful wood to work with. E. A. Berg used it for his premium chisel handles.

  Re: summer saws by Pedder (Hi woodnetter, [br][...)
As usual, excellent work! The masur birch handle on the second is an amazing piece of wood, and an even better display of craftsmanship.
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  Re: summer saws by Pedder (Hi woodnetter, [br][...)
Love that burl!

Steve S.
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  Re: summer saws by Pedder (Hi woodnetter, [br][...)
Great looking saws Guy's, your work is amazing.

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Glad to see you guys back at work!
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