Toilet Flapper Valve Question
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I have two Briggs Vacuity toilets. They're great, except.......

The original flapper valves have crapped out (pun intended) and I replaced them. Twice. The first time, with a standard replacement valve, but it didn't hold open long enough during the flush to do the job, so I replaced those with ones that have a "bobber" on them. Those still don't hold the valve open long enough, no matter how I adjust the bobber. I've looked online to see what Briggs recommends and, through Amazon, each flapper is $18. This is after already spending about $14 for each of the two sets of flappers I've already installed.

Does anybody have a solution to keep these flapper valves with the bobber open long enough to actually empty the tank and flush stuff down?

And no, it isn't too big a deal to just hold the handle down for a few seconds, but I'd like to have a solution that doesn't make our guests have to figure something out.


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Two choices, bite the bullet on the OEM flappers, or replace the entire assembly with a fluidmaster replacement from HD or Lowes. Other than that, I got nothing....
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  Re: Toilet Flapper Valve Question by Blaine (I have two Briggs Va...)
I was told that they close too quickly because they lose their buoyancy.

Fluidmaster makes both universal fit and specific cross reference flappers.

Check their website or send them a note giving your exact make and model number and request the best replacement.

They have a customer helpline:

I had a similar problem with my circa 1953 toilet. I finally called a plumber and he said he would be back the next day after he had spoken to Fluidmaster. I figured he had a professional contact (maybe he does) but the same information is available to the consumer by phone or email.
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  Re: Toilet Flapper Valve Question by Blaine (I have two Briggs Va...)
Blaine, either a Korky or Fluidmaster with the float should fix your problem if you adjust the float further down the chain toward the flapper to maximize the amount of flush. These are usually $7-8 at Ace Hardware.
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if the orfice in the bottom of the flipper cone is not centered, you can rotate it around to adjust the delay a bit.
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I contacted Fluidmaster. They recommended what I think I already have on the toilets.

The guy assumed I had not adjusted the float and was without any further suggestion.

I've lived with these flapper valves for several months. They'll wear out eventually and I'll get the OEM replacements at that time. Life will go on.

Thanks for the help.

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The chain on mine was heavy and causing this. I adjusted it shorter and that cured it.
I think they also rely on trapped air underneath it, but haven't figured that out yet.
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The chains on mine aren't heavy, but I think it's worth checking how much extra exists. It will also give me a chance to see if there's air in them, but I doubt that's a problem because the problem started on the first flush after installation.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't large.

Thanks for the suggestions, everybody.


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