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My neighbour has a Shopsmith. The tablesaw blade has an arbour and large nut. Have tried to remove this to change the blade, won't budge. Any suggestions? I don't know if this is a left or right hand thread, also not sure if I should use heat or not. Here is a pic

Thanks Mel
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For safety, arbor nuts tighten opposite to the direction of rotation. This keeps the nut tight while you are using the saw and prevents the nut from unthreading and falling off during use.

If the nut was not adequately tightened before the saw was turned on, the starting torque can jam the nut ridiculously tight.

Anyway, jam some wood into the teeth of the blade to hold it in position and put a big extension bar on your wrench to get more torque. You can also try putting force on the nut AND whacking it with a hammer. Kinda like an impact wrench, the impact can often free stuck stuff. A little penetrating oil may also help.
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I know what you mean about the torque jamming the nut on, has happened on many a lathe chuck. I fought with it as much as I could. If it were mine I would be a little more forceful. I gave it back to her and she has joined the Shopsmith forum so I am sure she will get good advice there as well as what I gave her from you guys. Thanks a lot.

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