More GFCI questions. When is it required?
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So I'm a little confused when GFCI is needed and when it's not. I have an attic with a switched light. That light is not on the GFCI circuit. I wanted to install an outdoor motion light running off that circuit, but it seems like that outdoor light should be on GFCI. I can install a GFCI outlet split off my attic light switch and then feed it to outside. The light will sit under the eave.

I have an outdoor lamp post light which is on a GFCI circuit--makes sense. But I also have porch lights that are covered by the porch roof that are not on GFCI. They are outdoors so why isn't it on GFCI? It is unlikely they will ever get wet because the porch is 8' deep. Additionally, I have a side, screened-in porch with a ceiling fan. I ran a motion light off that fan. I don't know if the switch connected to the fan is protected by GFCI.

So my understanding of GFCI is that all of these outdoor lights should be on GFCI. Is that wrong?

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Yes, it is wrong. Lights do not go on GFI's.

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