Sharpen a marking knife??
So in an effort to do better layout, I got myself a marking knife. I was on amazon getting something totally unrelated (battery for my bike) and thought, hmmm I wonder if they have marking knives? Got myself one, admittedly kind of cheap, and it looks like the bevel wasn't quite ground all the way to meet the flat back of the knife to make a sharp edge. I know I could look into a Czech edge knife or something, but have any of you sharpened one? Any tips? I have a work sharp, and I have a nice flat piece of granite I can use. Should I just eye ball it and go for it?
Ultimately, I'm working on my layout skills to make a Roubo book stand. Some day!

Sharpening a marking knife is not all that difficult. Same thing applies as to chisels. Flatten the back, then work the bevel(s). In your case, you could work the offending bevel on your Work Sharp, then flatten the back on a stone. I mostly freehand my marking knives when they need it. They don't need to be ultra sharp. Marking with the grain with an ultra sharp knife might cause the knife to wander, following the grain. A light touch to score, then more pressure to deepen the line is my technique.
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Dave Jeske explains it all:
Ron Hock
I sharpen my marking knife. Just like doing a plane blade except you have two different bevels.

I only bother to sharpen the last 1/8" or so of my marking knife. I do like to get it nice and sharp.
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Thanks all!! I'll give it a try this week hopefully.


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