Arthritis & Power Drill Batteries
Just wondering if anyone else has problems changing batteries in they're power drills. I have arthritis in both hands and in fact just had surgery on my thumb.
I just bought the Bosch 12V, and I'm having a devil of a time changing the batteries.
Wondering if someone has any tricks they use. I e-mailed Bosch, but they weren't much help.

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I can't do it with thumb and finger of one hand.
Some success with holding the drill against my body and using both thumbs.
I haven't found an easy change except maybe the old Makitas. Anyway---just wondering if your couldn't build a jig where there was a semi-wedged-shaped opening with the sides high enough to reach the release buttons where you could just slide in the battery to release it? Sort of like the idea used for some jar openers in the kitchen.
I don't know how the Bosch batteries release. I could use one of these: Vice Grip 4" with pads on my 12v Milwaukee and 18v Ryobi tools
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I don't have arthritis in my hands, but the batteries on my Makita drills often require you to hit just the right spot and push hard before they release. It's worse when trying to remove from the charger, because then the battery is upside down and you have to reach under the battery to hit the release button. In that case, it's nearly impossible to engage the button with your thumb. Wish there was a better way.
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I got the Fred Sanford malady, but changing batteries in my Dewalt 18V tools bothers me not a bit!
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I have a Milwaukee 12V cordless drill. Here is a simple idea that might work for you.

I cut out the opening in a piece of scrap 3/4" plywood so it just fits over the handle and pushes the tabs on the battery pack in enough to release them. It stays in place and allows two hands to be used to pull and push the battery pack out of the drill. My wife volunteered her hands for the demonstration.


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Thanks. That is such an awesome idea. I can't wait to try it,
as soon as my cast comes off.

Was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I
feel so helpless when I can't even get the battery
out of the drill to charge it. I do have great neighbors
that will help. All younger and working, so when they
see me coming with a tool in hand, they know what I
need. Also, some drills are just to heavy for me. Jig
idea sounds good but I don't have a creative mind.
This site has a lot of smart people. I do listen well.
Yeah, I don't have arthritis and still cuss my Milwaukee M12 when I try to change batteries, I may try to cut on of those baffles today.
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