Steady rest
The one I made is like
I haven't learned how to post pics yet but mine is
just like this one
Hi Sandra

I went to the site and only seen a vase.

I do not remember seeing you post here before so welcome and I know the guys will help you with how to post a picture.

There was someone here going to make me one and I sent him the parts but I just can not remember who.

As of this time I am not teaching vets to turn. Also please do not send any items to me without prior notification.  Thank You Everyone.

It is always the right time, to do the right thing.
How To Make A Spindle Steady Rest by Ted Monk
See ya around,
Don't you love it when you ask someone what time it is and to prove how smart they are, they tell you how to build a watch?
I'd like to see it.

I use Photobucket.
Upload your photos to Photobucket.
Copy it, and paste it here.
It is that easy.
First few times I tried, I got confused.
Folks here are helpful!
Hi Sandra, welcome to woodnet.
I'm not sure if your talking about a spindle steady or on for hollow forms. I also don't know if you used wood or metal (my daughter is a better welder than me.) Without seeing it 2 options come to mind the second one may not work because of the motor location.

Would it be possible to extend the portion the sits on top of or between the ways toward the tailstock? I guess the easy way to describe it would be an L. You could even slot that piece so the piece that clamps underneath could be moved to clear the braces. That way you could position the steady anywhere along the bed you want.

I've also seen steady rests that have pieces that come down on each side of the bed instead of clamping in the center. If you went this route you could use vise grips or C clamps to clamp it to each side of the bed. The motor location my present a problem with this method.

You know... what about this? If your lathe sits on a bench could you extend 2 pieces down to the bench surface and bolt or clamp it to the bench? You could put a centering piece that would ride between the ways. This would also give you more clearance and almost full swing capacity which most steadies don't.
Thank you for posting that link. I am going to make one this weekend. David
That's just like mine. Going to try real hard
to figure out the pic thingy. I have a 22 year
old across the street and he can most likely
show me how to do the pic.
I like the idea of coming down each side. I think
I saw a video of that one. Going to watch it tonight
and maybe try it. I've said before but again, there
are a lot of smart folks on here and I appreciate all.
I made this for hollow forms and spindles between 3" and 6" diameter, but could be made bigger. Real easy to make.

" />

" />
I think I like yours better than mine. Also
looks easy to make. Suggestion on plans?
Thanks, Sandra

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