Oneida super gorilla dust collector
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About a year ago, I bought used Super Gorilla collector pretty much as you see it. It was already disassembled and had no filter included. It did have the stand, and motor assembly all of which look good but are untested. The motor is a 3hp Beldor (and heavy as hell). I am just now getting around to moving the pieces from my garage to my shop and plan to make it a winter time project to install it and run the ducts. I'm probably too stupid to know all the right questions to ask, but for starters, I notice my plenum that holds the filter is in two pieces. The newer models seem to be all one piece. It appears that the former owner had attached the two pieces with silicone sealant which I guess makes sense for an air tight seal, however it doesn't seem like that would be strong enough. Thinking now, I'm wondering if the unit was ducted directly outdoors and maybe the elbow was not needed. So my question is, should those two pieces be welded together? It looks like there may have been tack welds at some point, but if so they have been ground off. Is ducting outside a viable alternative?
I also wonder if I should test the motor before installing. The manual advises not to run it until installed and the ducting is run, but even though I was assured it is operational, I'd hate to have to put it on and take it off again (did I mention it is heavy?) Another oddity is what appears to be a little vacuum pump that I think may be used to hold a liner bag in place in the collection drum. Does anyone know if this is typical or desirable?
Any other info and advice is welcome and I'm sure there will be many more questions to come. I paid about $500 for this thing including a bunch of ducting. It is my first up close and personal with a cyclone DC. Thanks!

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Good Score for 500.00. Try to get a manual online, with assembly instructions. As far as the motor goes if it worked before it should work now. You could test for continuity , and make sure it rotates by hand.

Good Luck
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You got a pretty good deal (from a guy who owns and hates an Oneida). It looks to me like he might have cut that exhaust plenum, does the manual provide any clues?. I'm assuming the square piece in the trailer fits (on the rounded end) to the elbow. I wouldn't just trust sealant to hold that, if set up with the filter that's what will support the weight of the filter and associated hardware. If you use it I would at least bolt it together, have it welded. You could vent out (I suppose that's what the PO did) and not use the filter the loss of heated and/or cooled air isn't a concern. Speaking of filters, I don't see one in the pic....buying from Oneida may lead to sticker shock (be sitting down). They are correct about you shouldn't run the blower without it being hooked up, but just bumping it for a few seconds to confirm it runs would be a good thing (from a guy who had to remove his motor twice. ). The vacuum pump may be for the bag, though if you don't use plastic bags you won't need it. I've actually not seen a set up using a pump though I have seen some other arrangements to use bags, I have a piece of plastic I put in the bag to hold it back. Not using something like that will get a bag sucked in to the cyclone body and maybe the blower. If you have the manual, there's not much else I can will cover everything fairly well.
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500 dollars

As I'm sure your new DC will as well.......

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Call customer support at Oneida. Even though you bought your unit second hand, they should be willing and happy to help you.
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The vacuum on the bottom is to hold a bag down so it does not get sucked up inside.

Also here is more info in the D/C

Here are the instructions. Just click on Documents under the picture and you can down load the owners manual.

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On my Super Gorilla, the round to square transition piece is welded to the plenum. Seems like the previous owner detached it or requested it separated from the factory.

I also have the separate vacuum pump for using plastic bags in the collection drum, and it works very well. I have a 35 gallon fiber drum, and I use 42 gallon 3mil thick "contractor cleanup bags" purchased at a local Borg. The bags fit the lip of the drum tightly with no leaks as far as I can tell. My cyclone is used infrequently, but I have not had to replace the bag in over a dozen fill-empty cycles. I can remove the bag, empty it and put it back in the drum. Very convenient.
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Thank you all for the replies. I did download the manual. The current model shows a different style plenum, but most of the rest of the machine appears the same.
Fred, I gotta ask, why do you hate your Oneida? Anything I can/should tinker with as I put it back together? My old DC is a roll around Jet single bag, I think maybe 1hp. Can I expect this one to be much louder when in operation - and what do you suppose a fellow ought to do about that? (I read with interest the recent post about a separate closet for the DC. Do-able I suppose, especially if I just punched a hole in the wall for the suction duct.)
I priced filters from Oneida and Winn. If I wasn't seated when I heard the price, I most certainly sat very shortly thereafter. I live in a semi wooded area and could blow exhaust directly into the woods, but there are houses nearby and I wouldn't want the noise to be an issue for my neighbors. I could probably build a separate insulated closet for about what the filter costs.
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Ed, I have a Super Gorilla installed that directly vents outside. The filter has never been used. I'll make you a good deal on it. Also have a big roll of 6" clear flexible hose.

Do seal up ALL of the leaks on the inlet and discharge. Mine whistled and rattled at first until I taped the inlet duct connection tight.
BTW, nice steal!
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My Super Dust Ape is vented outside're not to far away and more than welcome to check it out.

I'm in 48414 area code....


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