Oneida super gorilla dust collector
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ed kerns said:

Fred, I gotta ask, why do you hate your Oneida? Anything I can/should tinker with as I put it back together?

Ed, it's a very long story, and one I've told several dozen times. Many paragraphs of typing, and I'm a little wore out typing it. Besides, it usually just leads to arguments about Oneida and/or diagnosing my situation. I've learned to live with it until that magical day i get a CV. So, with all due respect, I'll decline to rant. My point was that even though I think they are chit, you still got a hell of a buy.....a real gloat.
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Go with Grounded METAL ducting or else you might as well tear up your home owner's fire insurance policy.

I ain't weighing in on the whole Dust and fire hazard thing. I don't know, don't care, and ain't speaking to that.

I'm telling you that if you don't have grounded metal ducting and you happen to have a fire and their inspector can figure away to blame it on the DC then -- you won't get paid. PERIOD.
It's across the board with insurance companies. I never heard of an exception.

Oh - - - - nice haul - - - good price.
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wonder how that piece of flex to tie to the tools is going to fly when they find that

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Hey EdL, I appreciate the invite. It does look like we're not too far from each other. I sent you a PM.
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Send me your email and I will send you a PDF of the newer version of the instruction manual. This has the plastic HEPA filter elbow and the the component that goes between that heavy motor (its only 75lbs that you need to lift 9' in the air and Oneida states not to hook it) and the cyclone.

looks like all the pieces are there - however, I don't see the filter. do you have that some where?

BTW - I have a contact at Oneida Air if you need anything. Also they are only 15 mins away.


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