Problem with my Milwaukee miter saw
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My trusty Milwaukee 6955 12" Slider has started to give me issues. It starts up fine when I pull the trigger, but when I let go it makes what sounds like a motor dragging sound and the blade takes 5 or 6 seconds to spin down (as opposed to 1 second with the blade break). It's 9 months out of warranty so I'd prefer to fix it myself if y'all can help me diagnose the problem.

I don't hear any arcing sound in the motor or smell anything burning. I really think it's something other than the motor. The blade spins by hand without any binding or anything like that. I pulled the side covers off and don't see any burned wires or anything obviously wrong. So does anyone have some ideas? I'd like to check the brushes but I can't really tell where they are.
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I have this same saw and I'm hoping I don't get any issues like this. So far so good.
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I have the same saw. Mine is probably out of its warranty now course with a 5 year warranty it's hard to remember when I got it...

Usually a breaking problem with most tools is switch. Not sure how the switch and speed control are wired on this saw though. I do need to clean out and repair the lights as they are full of dust and not always making contact.
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I think I fixed the problem. Took the sides off and didn't find anything obviously wrong. Blew the dust out of it really well including sticking the nozzle of the air blower as far as I could get it into the motor. Put the sides back on and fired it up and it seems to be running like normal again. So maybe it was just dust inside or maybe I got lucky. Happy it's running well again because it gets used a lot.

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