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Anybody ever use ColorTone Liquid Stain from Stewart MacDonald? Would it be considered a dye?

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  Re: ColorTone by AztecKing ([br]Anybody ever use...)
It looks like it.

Add these lightfast metal-complex dyes to clear lacquer, shellac, waterbase or catalyzed finishes. They can be reduced with water or alcohol for use on bare wood, and mixed for any desired intensity. One 2-ounce bottle makes two quarts of stain.

They have other products with the same name too.
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Sounds just like Transtint dye.

  Re: Re: ColorTone by jteneyck (Sounds just like Tra...)
It does. I've never seen this product, and just did a little search to find out what it was. The company offers a number of different products, and their language is not sufficiently clear to me. To confess the truth, I didn't look for too long, but I saw the word pigment on one of their products. I didn't take the time to learn exactly what they meant by that word, but pigment is a specific term.
I try not to get too picky, it enables me to read the forum and participate normally, but often language is essential for precision. For example, when people say they're going to tint something, blah, blah, blah, and they're referring to darkening it, that's actually shading. Tinting is introducing lighter color, shading is making things darker. Etc., etc. It's best to help new woodworkers even if their descriptions (or the vendor's descriptions) are lacking precision.

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