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I've had a Jet midi lathe for several years. I've noticed that my live center is starting to be a little noisy, So, it may need to be replaced in the near future. The one I have is similar to this. It has served me well and I have no complaints with it. However, I'm wondering if another type such as this one would offer any advantages. Appreciate any suggestions.
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I have both centers, but use the second almost exclusively. I can get closer to the center when cutting close to it.

Get the second one.

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You can probably change the bearing in your center. Even if you get another it would be good as a backup.

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I don't care for the 60 degree metal lathe centers. Kids at school used to have a lot of dismounts with them. I like a cup center, where the ring helps keep a catch from kicking the piece off to protecting against split. You had something similar as original.

Take the plunge and get one of the multiple choice types. I have a Nova, but many make them. http://www.woodcraft.com/product/148539/...ystem.aspx

For instance, Oneway, usually a bit pricey, but top notch. http://www.packardwoodworks.com/Merchant...ent-revtail-olc
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I have that Nova center too and the flexability is terrific. It's very helpful if you can make the investment.

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Hi, I'm a wood turner and I have lots of tools.....

Among them is a lot of live centers.
We got one like you got with each lathe, and we don't use them any more, period.

We have the Nova live center set also, and it's flexible and useful.

We also have the Oneway/Powermatic style and find it suits us best, actually we have one of these for every lathe.
The threaded part allows for custom made support (it's tapped at 3/4x10, and easy nut to find). We have several wood bits that do special things that thread on this.

The center point is also removable, I know fudge that just leave it out, but there are also different shaped "points" that can replace it, please see web page
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I primarily use the 60 deg center for pen turning, as the recess in the pen mandrel shaft calls for the 60 deg center. However, I upgraded to a pen mandrel saver live center which no longer requires the 60 deg live center. I have the Nova live center set and it serves all my needs. I use nearly every tip in the kit for one application or another. The problem with the 60 deg center is that, as a natural wedge, you need to keep advancing the tail stock to keep adequate grip on the work piece. The first one you showed easily affixes to the center of the workpiece via the cone, but then spreads the contact out over a much larger area, thus eliminating the need to continually advance the tail stock. There are reasons to have both. Invest in a good kit with multiple tips and you'll be set for life.
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Robert Sorby is the one I use now.
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The first one of the links helps the wood not to split and only allows the point to go into the wood so far and I like using it.

The second one I only use for pen turning anymore so it only holds the shaft of the mandrel. Mine just went out and I need to buy another one as I get the funds. It is squealing to high heaven.

I guess that is because it has been used for a few thousand pens in teaching everyone.

If I was to get another one it would be this one


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Lee Valley have a decent one, have been using it for 10 years.

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