handwheel thread on Delta 46-460 Lathe
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Does anybody know what the thread pitch and spindle diameter is on the Delta 46-460 handwheel ? Any comments on outboard use, e.g., installing a honing wheel?

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If this is a full size lathe, the Deltas are usually 1x8 tpi with a left hand thread (on the outboard side). But it should be easy to measure and count if you have access to the spindle...

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It is considered a Midi lathe and when I had mine I did take it apart but do not remember what it is on the thread. I know if you google it you will find out or it is in the manual.

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It's just common old 3/4"-16 LH thread. Yes, I measured and counted threads. I thought I had a piece that should fit on it but it would not, so I was confused. I suspected metric. I bought a 3/4-16 nut today and it fit. Problem solved. I wanted to be sure before I ordered any attachments.

Funny story (sad, actually). I called Delta and the Senior Tech did not know the size of the outboard spindle. By way of explanation/excuse he said "We can never get them to send blueprints." Wait a minute. So Delta did not originate a detailed design when they contracted out production of this tool? So does that mean that they just buy some design from a Chinese trade show and put their badge on it? Interesting. Learn something every day. What I learned is that I am living in the past.

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Delta was bought out a few years back. (Of course, I bought this same lathe, so naturally they go out of business in short order - happens just about every time...

) I'm guessing he meant that the original Delta wouldn't send blueprints to the new Delta.
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