Delta tablesaw QUIT on me
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Have an older 10" saw that is stalling on me.
I cant find a capacitor bump on it
Took the two semi round cover plates off the top and bottom and can see what looks like brushes and can see an arc under them when I pull on the pulley to make it spin.
Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks
  Re: Delta tablesaw QUIT on me by woodcutter199 (Have an older 10" sa...)
You need to be a bit more specific.

Is your saw a Unisaw or some other model? Does the motor start and then quit running or does it not start at all? Is the motor the old bullet head style? If it is, the problem could be as simple as rotating the brush ring a bit one way or another. If the motor doesn't start at all, if you keep on applying power to it, you could possibly burn out the windings.

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  Re: Re: Delta tablesaw QUIT on me by gregr (You need to be a bit...)
Greg Thanks for the reply.
Pulled the brushes and cleaned the ends off and it runs
guessing that the brushes were dirty
Again thanks for replying
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So, is it R/I or a universal? In either case, order a set of brushes to have on hand, in case the others get too short, and clean out the carbon a couple times more per year.
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