Hope this isn't out of line.
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I made a purchase in the charity auction. Actually bought an item I've considered purchasing off and on for quite a while. I bought a Robo Rest for my grinder. All I'm going to say is "WHY did I wait so long?" If you've ever been frustrated with whatever tool rest you're now using with your grinder I strongly suggest looking at one of these.
Steve K

  Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by Steve K (I made a purchase in...)
Not out of line. Honestly, I didn't know Reed made those. I have the Oneway, and I'm very happy with it. Otherwise I would have bought one.
  Re: Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by badwhiskey (Not out of line. Ho...)

I do believe they can be used for Chisels and plane blades also. I also wanted one for a few years but I also know I could use it on the other side of the Oneway where their badly designed platform lacks a lot and I do not ever use it.

I hope to get one in the next year or two.

It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

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  Re: Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by Arlin Eastman (Frank[br][br]I do be...)
The Oneway platform needs two mods to make it useful:

1) at least on the older ones, there is a bump up in the platform over the attachment weld. You need to take a mill smooth file and flatten the platform.

2) mount the platform on the coarse wheel side and kick it up to ~45*. Gently snug (but do not tighten) the locking lever and then use the grinder to cut a notch in the underside of the platform. Once the notch reaches the top of the platform, stop. Now you can actually use the platform in the future without that nasty gap between the platform and the wheel.

I first saw the Robo Rests ~3 years ago at Totally Turning and really liked their design. I was already invested in the Oneway system at that time, though, and never realized (until this auction) that there was a version of the RoboRest for the Wolverine mount. I will be keeping that in mind when I am setting up the shop for the next niece.
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  Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by Steve K (I made a purchase in...)
I've had one for couple years now. Excellent rest. only one I use.
  Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by Steve K (I made a purchase in...)
The RoboRest was one of SWMBO's requested items.

She does most of her own sharpening due to that addition.
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  Re: Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by n7bsn (The RoboRest was one...)
I recently bought one of Reed's Robo Rests and love it!

I have a Tormek for my fine sharpening, but I have the Wolverine system also, and my Robo Rest installs in that system perfectly. There is no more dummy-proof design in the world, and trust me, I can foul up almost anything when I'm in turning mode.
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  Re: Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by Gregory of Sherwood Forest (I recently bought on...)
Thanks! I am trying to figure out how to make them so they can go on a Tormek and the various clones.... There will be more for next year's auction, and hopefully some inside bowl rests. I don't really like any that are on the market...

Also, thanks to those who support this forum by purchasing through the auction.

robo hippy
  Re: Re: Hope this isn't out of line. by robo hippy (Thanks! I am trying ...)
Keeping with the theme, I hope this isn't out of line. Robo can you or someone who has it post the link to the utube on your system?

Edit to add: nevermind I found it

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