Gummy Buffing Wheel
I have the Beall Buffing system and the Tripoli wheel is getting a bit gummy. Does anyone know how to clean it? I poked around their website and could not find any advice.

I am not having that problem with the White Diamond or the Wax wheels.
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I've used a section of a power hacksaw blade. Something similar to this
Soak it for 30 minutes in warm water with laundry detergent, then have a go at the buffing edge with a stiff plastic bristled brush. Then rinse well and dry in the dryer for two cycles (can do with other items). Whatever you do, resist temptation to buff any metal with same wheel used for wood. Use separate wheels.
Hacksaw blade or I mostly take my square scrapper to knock it off really easy.

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Joe K1 said:

I've used a section of a power hacksaw blade. Something similar to this

Be sure to mask up even if you're standing to the side as you do this. Curry comb is what I use. File card will work, but you have to be REAL gentle with your touch.
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+1 on the hacksaw blade . I always seem to have extra of the cheap hacksaw frames around , so I keep an old blade in one just for cleaning buffing wheels .
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Old hack saw blades make great chatter tools as well.

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Chatter tools? What are they?
I use a thin slice of wood with a sharp edge, about 2" wide (mine is cocobolo since it is tough). I hold it against the spinning wheel occasionally, as a preventative measure. I've never seen a buildup.

But could you be using too much polishing compound? It doesn't take much.

80 Grit sand paper. I use a piece of an old belt sander belt. The directions say to use sand paper to reduce the fuzz before starting to use the pad. So I have been using sand paper to clean, works fast and easy!
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