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I am looking to buy a Kitchenaid stand mixer that will take the meat grinder attachment for making sausage. What would be a good model to get, they seem to have so many.

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I don't know, but I would start by ruling out any that use plastic gears. I don't know if they still do, but there has been a lot of talk here about those mixers and their cheap gears. Not all models, but some.

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We have had the 5 quart Artisan for many years. That has the meat grinder attachment.

My mother has the professional one she bought I think in the late 70's. It still works.

The comment about plastic gears made me wonder as we have never had gear issues. Looking at Amazon reviews made recently (default view showed me reviews from nine years ago) Kitchen Aid stopped using plastic gears some time ago.

We have a bunch of attachments and the mixer gets used a couple of times a month. I'd recommend it.

"Artisan" is 5 quart bowl, while "Professional" is 6 quarts.

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Funny you mention that.

I was cleaning out one of the buildings and found a counter top mixer- the kind that swings down into the bowl. It looks to be made in the 50's. I plugged it in and it runs, but a little slow. I'm sure it was cold and the old grease was dry. I'm going to take it apart and rebuild it and give it a third prong.

If you are serious about making sausage, a heavy duty machine would do you well.
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All I can suggest is you expand your search to include Cuisenart and Tefel----we have products by both and they are excellent quality. Kitchen Aid has good and bad products and don't know how they are on the products you're looking at.
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We have a "Pro 600" model with a 575 watt motor. I don't have the grinder attachment, but I'm not sure it's robust enough to a lot of meat grinding...maybe small amounts, but nothing big. (For the record, I really like the Kitchenaid mixers, just wondering about grinding meat). I think I fI were planning to do much meat grinding, I'd look for a dedicated grinder...Cabelas sells several models, one of them would be just right.
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I just bought the kitchenaid 6 qt at Costco. Best price around and it has a $50 coupon if you purchase before xmas. Drawback is that they only have three colors.
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From the reviews I have read the grinder attachment works great. We don't have Cabelas here or I would check it out.

I am looking at the 5qt and don't much care about the colour.

thanks to all
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Just bought a new one. In the kitchen and only ran enough to break it in. Bought the pro bowl lift 525watt version. Under $200 shipped from sears and got 4 new square baking pans with the points and bonus points from the purchase.

Most of the pro reviews prefer the classic plus over the artisan because the bowl size is smaller which works better for most home cooks.

Bowl lift vs tilt head. The lift one is stronger especially if you are going to use allot of attachments.

The pro version at costco has a glass bowl which isn't as easy or nice to use as the stainless bowls.

They were using plastic gears but they reportedly had too many issues and went back to steel. Also some of the older pro versions had a plastic gearbox cover which kitchenaid said they stopped using and went back to the aluminum one. Easy cheap repair on older ones.

I went with the bowl lift because the artisan is overpriced and has issues compared to the other versions. Basically the artisan is the popular one cause it's available in allot of pretty colors. I also prefer the fixed head for srrength.

Also the pro is available with a 5 or 6 quart bowl. The 5 is fine for most as with the 6qt the paddle ends up pretty deep in the bowl.

Imo the best bang for the buck are the fixed head mixers. There were some great deals the two weeks before thanksgiving. Check slick deals for the best current deals.
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Bought the Artisan 5qt,tilt head and the grinder and sausage maker attachment. Works great, going to need some practice getting the sausages stuffed right. Ground that pork like it was butter. Spray the sausage attachment with some cooking spray or rub some oil on it and the casing slides right on. When the meat is all done being ground, run a slice of bread through the hopper, helps clean it out. Now I am going to need a smoke house. The taste test will be in the morning.

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