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Sorry this is a regional type question.
But here it is: I've called a couple places looking for a couple sticks of 4/4 and 8/4 walnut. I've been hearing prices on the $10.00+ per BF. Does this seem right?
I'm in Morris County, NJ.

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Proximity to new york? If it is in the southern part of the state I would think it's steep.
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Check with urban wood recycler/reclaimer. Out here TCWoods is running $8/bdft but they will custom mill and unfortunately that's $2 to $3 more than Woodcraft and $4 more than my favorite lumber yard—they have a 500 bd ft but will deliver for free.
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Walnut has been going up in price and down in quality for years now. From my hardwood supplier I get Common grade stock, so its normally cheaper that way. Even wholesale pricing with a 250' price break on top of that, last spring it was $3.70 a foot. That was insanity in my book.

Thankfully I stumbled across a nice deal for about 1200 feet of air dried 4/4 stock that was cut 12-15 years ago for a little over $2 a foot.

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What length are you looking for?
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Assuming you have tried Boards and Beams in Fairfield? I think their prices fair and lots of stock.

Look here:
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I have stopped at Boards and Beams. Their prices on cherry and maple are fair and the stuff is nice. I have bought some. But their walnut is absolute junk and they want 9.00 to 11.00bf. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I've seen firewood better than that. I's abysmal.

I've tried the urban wood recycler/reclaimer market. Nobody is giving it away either. The prices are around 7.00 for ungraded log run. They are all pushing the "high end slabs" which is any wet hunk of wood with a live edge, mainly sap wood with a knot or a void and, of course, split ends.

This is for half dozen cutting boards. So anything around 2'long x7" wide would work. It just needs to be clear. I would buy a little more than I need because that's the unspoken rule of WW.

I'm going to see another guy on Saturday. And if that doesn't pan out, I'll scoot over the boars and beams, get some sapele and call it done. It's cheaper to begin with and the stuff they were unloading a couple weeks ago looked pretty nice. I'm not going to spend $100.00 per cutting board.

This has been some sticker shock.

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I know a guy on Long Island if you're in the mood for a road trip...

I've gotten a lot of wood from Lakeshore Hardwoods upstate. They ship. They do bundles of stuff too, maple, cherry, walnut. I've made a bunch of cutting boards from their bundles, all nice wood, all good stuff. I may even still have a bundle in the garage, I can snap a pic for you.

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Wall lumber - mail order/freight.
Great prices... excellent products.

I have found Walnut from a local mill for $2-3/bf, rough, air dried here in Upstate NY. On my last visit I bought it all.
Got some flat sawn oak for $1/bf from same guy.

For down state and NJ - I would look to mail order places.
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There is Willard Bros. in Trenton. Not inexpensive but I have never seen any junk wood there.



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