Re: Walnut by FBranco (Sorry this is a regi...)
Have you tried http://www.niagaralumber.com/ in upstate NY. I have purchased from them over the last 30-40 years. Have never been disappointed with what was received. A 7 drawer chest made with curly cherry still draws comments in my house.

  Re: Walnut by FBranco (Sorry this is a regi...)
not sure what the lumber yards charge here but last week I took three oak logs to the near buy Amish to have then sawn
he had log run air dried walnut for 1.50 a board foot
some of it looked great I bought two boards just to show my wood working buddies
I would have bought it all but my current walnut stash is huge not liable to ever need any more
  Re: Walnut by FBranco (Sorry this is a regi...)
You may want to think about ordering from Steve Wall. Even with shipping he will probably be cheaper. If you make it down to MD let me know and I can get you killer wide walnut for $3-4 a BF.
  Re: Re: Walnut by Dave Diaman (You may want to thin...)
$1.50/bdft??? Something doesn't feel right about that. Amish here in northeast Ohio range from $6-9 Bdft last I checked. All prices seem to have gone up lately. Maple is around $5!
  Re: Re: Walnut by cvillewood ($1.50/bdft??? Somet...)
cvillewood said:

$1.50/bdft??? Something doesn't feel right about that. Amish here in northeast Ohio range from $6-9 Bdft last I checked. All prices seem to have gone up lately. Maple is around $5!

yep buck and a half some of it pretty nice just of the mill not graded ETC no real wide boards so probably smaller logs
but the two boards I bought had little to no sap wood
  Re: Walnut by FBranco (Sorry this is a regi...)
Loggers around here can't even get sawmills to pay 30 cents a bd ft for big walnut logs, delivered to the mill on a flatbed bunk truck that can carry 4000 bd ft. It's not even worth their time and fuel to harvest the trees. I kid you not.

Rip to width. Plane to thickness. Cut to length. Join.
  Re: Re: Walnut by Edwin Hackleman (Loggers around here ...)
Look for a local guy with a woodmizer and see what he has. I took a ash log over to a friends cousin a month or so ago to get sawn up. Asked him if he had anything else and he had a stack of ash, cheery, and some maple all 4/4 about 750 Bd ft give or take I got it all for 750 cash. I didn't go through it all so it's not select or anything. That's pretty much how I got all my wood. Kinda had if you don't have anyplace to store 2-300 bd ft of wood.
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  Re: Re: Walnut by Dennis Thomas (Lil[br]Look for a lo...)
I got this pile yesterday from the same place I get most of my wood ... a local auction ... this most of the cherry ... there are a few long, wide cherry boards not in the photo.


" />

Most of the walnut is on the left and in the back ... the cherry shows up as reddish color.

I got it all for less than the cost of one cherry FAS 1x8x10 at the BORG ... now I have to find someplace to put it ...

  Re: Re: Walnut by FBranco (I have stopped at Bo...)
Those prices are about par. I had been going to a place down the GSP about exit 100 in a pinch.

But, now I have about 400 bf I brought back from Iowa milled out there...

Mesurei, cutti, cursi

  Re: Re: Walnut by measurecutcurse (Those prices are abo...)
I was just at my lumber yard yesterday and finally inquired on hardwood prices. Roughcut 4/4

Cherry and Walnut- 8.50
Maple- 4.50

I bought 50 feet of maple for a project I started today. It feels really weird woodworking again.
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