Dewalt DW717 "Special Buy"
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The BORG has some DW717 saws in boxes that are printed with "Special Buy" from the factory. Does anyone know if these would be identical to a DW717 that is normally available or would some of the features or quality be missing?
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My local Home Depot has the DeWalt DWS782 on sale for $399, originally priced at $599. It's the 12-inch compound sliding miter saw. I bought one of these last year and have used it quite a bit. I like the extra capacity over my 10-inch fixed saw. The only thing this doesn't have is a laser to mark the cut line. Otherwise, it appears to be the full featured DW780. Not sure if this is similar to the DW717 but something to look into.
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Wow, you got a lot of saw at that price!
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I was in our Murfreesboro Home Depot this weekend and they still had 2 or 3 left at $399. Wonder if your Home Depot's might have the same deal?
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I don't know about this offer because I've not seen the boxes side by side. But in previous years, the special deal saws had a different blade with a lower tooth count and other slight changes.

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