Good Marketing?
I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday picking up a new glass insert for my coffee pot and I saw what has to be the most amazing bit of marketing by a "woodworker".

It was slices of bark-on logs about 1 inch thick in two sizes. They had been sanded, sealed and individualy tied up with a bit of twine. They were being sold as decorative platters,. Prices were $10.00 for the smaller and $15.99 for the larger. I guess there were no charge for the splits.

Now we know what to do with the ends of our logs.
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Not everyone has access to wood nor the "want to" to find out so there is a market.

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There's more work than you might think with those. Slice each one individually. Sand, seal, package. Markup by BB&B is likely 3x what they get them for wholesale. So, each bundle is $3 or $5.33 to the maker. Barely pays for his time, IMO.
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Here in Hawaii, galleries double the wholesale (our) price. A decent 14" bowl can go from $400 to $1000, I get about half that.
So I take you would make them for that price and replace them free if they split?
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A coworker told me his FIL makes these. While thinking it is ingenious I do wonder how long the will last, unless they are sealed really well.


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