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What is a used Tormek Supergrind 2000 worth? It includes planer/jointer knife jig, stone truing tool(NIB), knife jig(NIB), stone grader, strop paste.

Looks like it was gently used from what I can tell. The knife and jointer jigs don't add any value for me, although I might be able to sell them to buy others.

I would only buy if for a sweet deal that I would be able to resell and get my money back since I'm only mildly interested.

What do you think it might be worth? Asking is currently at $350 which I think is too high.
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Based in the few I have seen on CL that is a decent price. Not a flip price. If you are looking for a steal, this doesn't sound like it TO ME.
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I've sold some Tormek stuff and its kind of like LN stuff. It retains its value pretty good. The knife and planer jigs would get you $150 maybe more. The supergind 2000 is basically a t-7. if the stone has a lot of life, I think it is a good deal. you will have to get a new stainless steel mainshaft (msk-250 is the part number I think, $70) when you replace the stone. The old shaft will rust to it and be unusable by the time you get the stone off.
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I sold a good one about three years ago for $275.00 at a tool meet.
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You could sell the jointer knife jig for $100-125, its not cheap - that makes it a buy in my book and gets the overall price down. Great machine.
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I agree that 350 is about right. I currently own that setup and listed it on CL for 450. I got two different people offering me 350 for it after they had come to look at it. (As in, not emailed sight unseen offers that are so annoying) I didn't want to go that low at the time. I would now though but I acquired a few more hand tools in the meantime and don't want to sell it now.
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