Garage Sale Finds
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Saw a listing that seemed ok. Not super descriptive but it did mention disc sander and swedish sharpener. There were a few guys there and I know they're there for the tools as well. Luckily they were only interested in the construction tools. As soon as I got close enough to see the $40 price I immediately told the guy I'll take it if it runs. A few feet back I see a 12" Delta disc sander and told him I would take the sander as well if it works. Tested them both and both ran great. Unfortunately the Tormek was missing the trough and the universal holder and any other attachments it came with. But even so I figured it was still worth it. Went about looking at the smaller stuff and picked out some nice older Starret rules and calipers. Lady who was helping the guy set up called me over and pointed to a box and asked if these items work with the grinder since they had the same brand on the boxes. I figured it was the tool holder and trough. My eyes bugged out. It was a dozen or so aftermarket attachments. I left there $100 lighter and came home with the tormek, accessories, disc sander, tidy cat box full of sand paper rolls and drum attachment (probably for a drill press). Never did find that tool holder and trough though.

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You. Suck.

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Just kidding. Great score. Thou sucketh.
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I hope you gave out hugs and kisses before you left there.


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Wow, what a haul! You definitely suck.
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Yeah, you suck.
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Wow, that is an amazing catch, you truly do suck.
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Sweet! I love garage sales and auctions.

I have that same Tormek and most of the accessories. You can't beat it....especially for the price. I have my entire shop cataloged for insurance purposes and my Tormek and accessories would cost around $1200 to replace at current prices. suck!

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Some of the accessories I probably would never have bought for myself. Specifically the knife and scissor ones. Now I'll probably end up sharpening every sharp object we have in the house. After a while I'll probably be asking the neighbors if they need stuff sharpened

Btw, can attachments for new models work with the supergrind. I thought I read somewhere the T7 was very similar to this model.
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Anyone know of a good supplier for the sandpaper for the disc sander? Klingspor?

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