questions on Jet JBOS-5 Spindles
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I bought a used Jet oscillating spindle sander for $50, it's in great shape but only came with one of the spindles. It didn't come with the rubber sleeves or any sandpaper. I can figure out the sandpaper but was curios if someone had figured out how to make spindles, it is a left hand thread on both ends but it seems like you could probably buy a bolt for one end and then cut the other end. The rubber sleeves I will buy of course.
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ereplacements has 1/4 1/2 and the 5/8 spindle about 25 bucks each
have you thought of doing this buy the 1/2 and use grizzly rubber drums on it available in many sizes pretty cheap
I do not have the jet but I bought a spindle sander used also without the drums
found out the drums were more than the sander cost new
the grizzly ones worked just fine and were only about 30 dollars for a whole set so that is what I bought
the jet has 5 and 1/2 tall drums but some of that size is available from grizzly the other sizes you might have to use two rubber drums cut and stacked or use a top spacer
and simply use 4 and 1/2 tall drums they are readily available
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Thanks for the feedback. I ended up finding a guy on Ebay that was selling all the accessories from a damaged sander and got them all shipped to my house for $150. That brings the total I paid to $200 which I consider a pretty good deal. That includes the stand too.


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