Water Softner Brands
  Re: Re: Water Softner Brands by Gary G™ (Our Kinetico system ...)
The brine isn't dirty. It stays in a closed container before it's used for the backwash cycle. Then the backwashed media is rinsed with fresh water.

I've heard people say that before and as far as I can tell, "dirty brine" is a sales pitch. It's no dirtier than any other water. It comes from the same source as the rest of the household water.
  Re: Re: Water Softner Brands by Snipe Hunter (The brine isn't dirt...)
IMHO, it's analogous to creating dish rinse water from the dirty soap water.
The Kinetico always starts with water from a clean, fresh tank.
However, putting that aside, I don't know of any system that'll last as long as theirs or be as trouble free.

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  Re: Re: Water Softner Brands by Gary G™ (IMHO, it's analogous...)
FWIW, Kinetico here as well. almost 30 years with the same equipment with only 2 service calls, and one was our fault. What can be more simple? no electric, and it recharges on demand. Lower salt usage and no power consumption.
  Re: Re: Water Softner Brands by Gary G™ (IMHO, it's analogous...)
A reverse osmosis (salt) softener also always starts with clean fresh water unless the water from the pipe is dirty. A filter would be needed to remove solids in the water. That also holds true with the Kinetico. A softener doesn't clean the water. It removes dissolved minerals. The brine/flush cycle separates the minerals from the media inside the tank. Then it's flushed with fresh water and in doing so, that water is also softened.

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