Table Saw safety...
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  Re: Table Saw safety... by CHIGH ( [url=https://www.yo...)
I'm completely at a lost for words....

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  Re: Re: Table Saw safety... by fredhargis (I'm completely at a ...)
I wanted to see him make the second basket...
  Re: Table Saw safety... by CHIGH ( [url=https://www.yo...)
I've been doing it wrong all these years.
  Re: Table Saw safety... by CHIGH ( [url=https://www.yo...)
And he starts off by saying how safe a table saw is to use. Yet, he's somehow managed to keep all his fingers intact. Perhaps a future Darwin award candidate.
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  Re: Re: Table Saw safety... by bubba (I wanted to see him ...)
I couldn't finish watching that video. I stopped after he finished pulling the wood through.

A guy I work with lost half a finger doing that same trick.
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  Re: Table Saw safety... by CHIGH ( [url=https://www.yo...)
I love that before each cut he addressed blade height, such a safety warrior

Seriously is that the same saw Rosario won his case against Ryobi on? The hand slayer 2000.

Now I did almost choke at the end when without unplugging it, the lummox picked it up, and brought the blade to within an inch of his throat. Truly Natural Selection at play folks, just a matter of time, he is destined to win a Darwin

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  Re: Re: Table Saw safety... by paarker (I couldn't finish wa...)
What the heck is that in the background? Looks like a wooden spaceship.

BTW, no push block, no safety glasses, called the fence a "guard". Sure hope he's not a Woodnet member!
  Re: Table Saw safety... by CHIGH ( [url=https://www.yo...)
gee they are out there and breeding too!!!

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  Re: Re: Table Saw safety... by JIMB49 (gee they are out th...)
Wow. No words......
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