Replacement 50 gal water heater propane - resolution
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In this thread , I asked about replacement water heaters. Here's the conclusion to that thread:

I opted to DIY after calling around and getting ballpark estimates in the $1350-$1450 range for a 'like for like' type replacement.

Bought a Rheem Platinum Plus 50 gal water heater from Home Depot for ~$760+tax after I couldn't find a local supply store that would sell the equivalent for less than $1200* (Grainger, FYI).

I bought this particular WH because it had good reviews, a 12 yr warranty and good energy efficiency. And it was almost exactly the same dimensions as the old circa '94 WH it replaced - despite the new emergency efficiency standards that started in 2015. Assuming its EnergyGuide rating (the yellow tag) is reasonably accurate, the new WH will save $600 in propane over its 12 year warranty period, compared to the next most efficient tank LP model.

The WH was special order at every HD I called, so not an option for an emergency replacement. Took about a week and a half to come in.

Unpacking: the boxing and the WH were in perfect condition. I transported the WH on its side in the back of my truck.

Dragged the new WH into my attic - I rigged a chain-fall to do the heavy lifting. Had to disassemble my attic stairs to provide enough clearance and rig a skid on the WH so I could skid it up a ladder. Even with removing the stairs I had <1" of clearance on each side

Now I think I know where the old WH got its scratches and dents.

Swapped the old WH for the new. I kept most of the old fittings but put on a new expansion tank - the old one seemed to be water logged. I had my gas supplier come out and make the LP gas connection so I was/am legal.

Filled it, bled the air, plugged in the transformer (the new WH uses a powered damper and igniter), turned the gas control-valve 'on' and voila it fired right up and has been making hot water ever since.

The hardest part of the project was definitely transporting the equipment into/out of the attic. Would have been almost an easy project if the WH was in an easy to access/work location like a garage.


* Rheem has a line of contractor-only WH and a line of HD only WH. I suspect many of the models are the same, just with different branding. YMMV.
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After my experience with the Briggs and Stratton generator I purchased from Home Depot instead of the dealer. I hope Rheem did not do the same thing to you as B&S did to me (any many others, I'm sure)

B&S sells the same model at both Home Depot and through their dealers. Only they ARE very much different machines. HD version is made in China, dealer version made in the US. The first clue is the manuals are different. The part number on the manuals and the parts for the IPLs inside are different. Part numbers in my manual must be cross referenced to the part numbers in the dealers manual.

Just a combination FYI and rant. I do wish you the best with your WH. I no longer count on the big box items being the same as a dealers.

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