Skim coating a painted wall?
Cooler said:

I ordered the magic trowel and it will arrive tomorrow. Does anyone know what type of roller to use?

Use a regular paint roller with a 1/2" nap and follow the other tips at the bottom of the following link. The link also has a video you can watch.
Finished, primed, painted, installed cabinet boxes and I need a vacation.

Lessons learned: I can't work as fast as quick set mud sets up, don't run the drill too fast or I'll get bubbles in the mud.

Second and third coats were diluted all purpose compound.

Thanks again, Bill
I use regular lightweight mud,thinned down just a little. It has an adhesive already in so no bonding agent needed. The subsurface cannot be flaking. If that happens the top layer will come off. Don't know the level of your drywall skills. I always do 2 coats. That way I can get it perfecly smooth with no sanding. Hate sanding and it makes way too much dust. For me the second coat is worth it.
(10-27-2021, 11:11 AM)stoverix Wrote: What about the designer portfolio?


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Neil Summers Home Inspections

When it comes to 'lectricity, I'm a pretty good wood turner.

... Grey Mountain 3/2/21

Vancouver carpenter on youtube adds thinned white glue if it's going over paint.  I should have done that yesterday, going to have to skim coat one spot that had paint on it again because the surface is weird.
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A weak spam attempt?


I don't see how these spammers think that reviving a 5 year old thread doesn't raise suspicion.


The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
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