HELP with Picasa photos
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Looking for help posting photos I had in Picasa. Google has apparently changed everything, and I am lost. Can anybody help with instructions for the new process? I'm hoping to put up photos on the Swap 'n Sell forum.

Thanks in advance.

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This is what I have been doing...

1. Create a shared album
2. Add photo(s) to the shared album
3. Click on the photo you want to share so it displays in a full window
4. On a Mac, with the mouse over the image, I use a control key + mouse click, and select from the contextual menu, to display image in a separate window. This gives me a long file name ending in '.jpg'.

You can use the url ending in 'jpg', to share. Picasa seems to go out of its way to make it difficult to get a url to the actual image jpg. If you get a shared link, you only get one that goes through their album viewer. If you get the jpg, somewhere towards the end of the url are two numbers representing the image size. You can modify them to get a smaller image. I frequently use 800 by 640.

Sorry I do not know the key equivalents to display the image in a separate window, on a Windows computer. Note also, I can't get this to work on my iPad.

Good luck
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I have always used a third party to post photos, usually photobucket. If you happen to have a facebook page you can also upload the images to your timeline and link to them there.
Steve K

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I had similar problems ... Picasa is going away and being replaced by Google photos.
I posted this ... go to the last post.
Regards, Tod
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I asked about this very problem a week or two ago but I guess you weren't looking at WoodNet then. I couldn't believe Google would do away with the ability to post photos but I was not able to figure out how to do it until you posted this. Why they had to make it so hard compared to Picasa remains a mystery, but at least it can be done.

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The other thread is so long it's not always straightforward to find TxTawd's instructions, so I've copied them here.

TxTawd said:

How to post photos from Google Photos ...
at least from what I have found out.

Here is the problem I had. When copying the image link from a photo on Google Photos ( the Picasa replacement) I got a URL that did not show the photo and the link was really long without any reference in it for a ".jpg"
See the post three above this one that shows the really long URL.

So I posted on the Google Photo help /support forum and got a reply

See if this FAQ helps. Sometimes the link needs the .jpg in it:

Look at Point 5.

The end result is to add "?.jpg" to the end of the URL
So that


Note: I had to use the code tags above to show a URL

I hope that helps ...

  Re: Re: HELP with Picasa photos by TxTawd (I had similar proble...)

Thanks. I knew I couldn't be the only one. I tried for half the evening last night before giving up. I hope this works. If it doesn't, I could be enticed to go back to PhotoBucket - the reason I switched to Picasa to start with.

Here's hoping ...



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