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I want to make a lidded box. I know they aren't all that hard, but I'd like to know if there are recommendations for a good video on how to make them.

Thanks in advance.

I made my first bowl yesterday. For those who have Facebook accounts, you can see a picture of it below. It's spalted maple with a Mylan's Friction Finish. The blank had lots of checks and splits, which I think adds a bit to the piece. The walls are a lot thicker than I'd prefer, but with the spalting, I decided to keep it simple. The bowl is about 3" high.

Up to now, I've used the lathe to make accessories for my flatwork and for some pens and salt/pepper mills. The vortex is getting stronger........


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There are dozens of pretty good videos on you tube about lidded boxes. Just remember, everyone has their own tricks and techniques, watch them and take what works for you.

Mike Waldt

Tim Yoder

At this point don't worry too much about that "pop" fit. It's over rated IMO and there are times it just isn't appropriate depending on the intended use of the box. Go to youtube, type "lidded box" in the search window and you'll find dozens more.
I like your bowl, for a first effort it looks pretty darn good. I am not a big fan of any friction polish on a piece that will be handled at all, or one that won't for that matter. It only just qualifies as a finish and durability is almost nil.
Steve K

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There's a guy on here that does them, not very instructional tho
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