anyone have a Dewalt DCD771 cordless drill?
Just got it for Xmas and the bits fall out after a few minutes of running, regardless of how I tighten...anyone have this problem?

well you know its still under warranty
id take to a dewalt repair center
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I had that same issue with my Bosch PS31. What worked for me was to put the rotational direction slide lever into the locked position when loading a bit. You know, the one that locks up the trigger switch. I think it allowed me to tighten the bit a little more.
I've had three DeWalt cordless drills, all of them have that problem.

I do not use cordless drill much for drilling, batteries die too quickly. They will drive screws a long time, just won't drill holes very long.
A lot of the keyless chucks do that. Tighten by hand with the drill not running. Drill and retighten.

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I have this problem even on my corded drills. My solution replace the chucks with a keyed one and use an adapter, or replace with an hex adapter chuck. Like this one 80008 3/8", 24-thread, female Fits all keyed and keyless chucks., It solves this problem. Dan
JIMB49 said:

well you know its still under warranty
id take to a dewalt repair center

Yep. One part of the warranty is 1 year of free service. Get it to one of our factory service centers and they will fix it.

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How big a bit are you guys who have this problem with spinning trying to use? If you are chunking up large bore bits those hand tighten chucks aren't worth squat. I'm wondering if it's blaming the tool for more than it is supposed to do? This problem was so prevalent a few years back some Huckleberry made an after market hand tighten chuck. Many of those guys with the problem bought these extra special chucks for more than the drill was worth. They weren't worth a squat either, but that dood got wealthy.

Just gonna suggest if you are spinning big bore bits, get a 1/2" corded/clutched drill to spin them with. I heard once that was called getting the right tool for the job.
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Kinda strange hearing about all these chuck issues. I've got DeWalt, Ridgid, and Ryobi keyless and DeWalt and Hitachi keyed units and have never had a problem with any of them.

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