Am I Off Base?
  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by toolmiser (If the rust is so ea...)
toolmiser said:

If the rust is so easy to remove it, why doesn't the seller do it? Same with "tune ups", and carb cleanings.

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  Re: Am I Off Base? by dg152 (Saw this ad on local...)
I spend a lot of time on CG and make offers to people who think they have something made of gold just because it has a name or it is old.

I get called all kinds of names that even a sailor would blush about. Don't bother me- I make a fair offer and they are asking wayyyy too much. Usually after a couple of months or so they will email me back with a more decent offer, but still too high and they get peeved at me again.

Every once in a while I get lucky.
  Re: Am I Off Base? by dg152 (Saw this ad on local...)
I might have inquired whether he forgot to insert a decimal point.
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  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by daddo ( I spend a lot of ti...)
That thing looks like he left it out in the rain,if so the electricals could be toast. I would offer him max $150.00, if he polishes it up maybe another $50.
  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by skizzo (I might have inquire...)
His "0" key stutters.
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  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by blackhat (His "0" key stutters...)
blackhat said:

His "eg0" key stutters.

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  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by Wild Turkey ([blockquote]blackhat...)
When I was looking for a Delta RAS, saw one on CL for $500. Wrote to the seller that it was over priced and offered $125, maybe $150 if it was in really good shape. Seller said it was a 'vintage tool' and worth more. A vintage tool is not a Degas or Renoir painting. It is just old and needs repair to become functional. I wonder if they still have it in some historical setting - like their garage.
  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by todayIlearned (That thing looks lik...)
if it's in Nashville, it might have gone through the flood.
  Re: Am I Off Base? by dg152 (Saw this ad on local...)
I have that model jointer. Bought years ago for a little over $300. That's the Delta model famous for its twisted fence. I know, mine has one!

There are people around here like that too, buy stuff at junk stores or auctions and then try to sell for ridiculous prices. They're trying to catch one unknowing person and fleece them.
  Re: Re: Am I Off Base? by LGuthrie (I have that model jo...)
His lunchbox planer is a better deal at only $1120.

Maybe I should have asked $2000, for my PM lunchbox planer, instead of $175.
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