No breaks!!
I've been working on a quick project in the shop that requires quite a few 'sneak up on it' cuts with my Dewalt chop saw. About half way through the process, I notice the blade is still coasting when I release the trigger. A bit strange, but not alarming. Fast forward a couple of hours and now the break is working again. No doubt the saw is due for a good cleaning and I will have a closer look soon. Mean time, any of you guys know what gives?
I would check your brushes.
The problem is dirt in the extra set of contacts in the switch that is used to activate the braking of the blade. Same thing happens on my hitachi and I just blow it out to get it to work again.
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Thanks guys. The saw has earned a good cleaning. I'll blow it out and see what happens.
My Dewalt will do that occasionally. I just give the switch a quick squeeze and release and the brake works. I also don't lift the blade until it does stop.
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I agree its a good practice not to lift the saw till the blade stops. I wonder if there is a list of which tools are involved in the most accidents in a typical wood shop? I've always thought that because of the 'quick and dirty' nature of a compound miter saw, it must be reponsible for it's share of missing digits. And yes I know it is not the tool that is at fault but the operator!
My Hitachi does the same thing. I guess I will blow it out now that I know what it is.

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