Carved, pierced and painted
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Here is a hollow form that I turned out of bradford pear to 3/32" thick. It is 11" tall and 5.5" in diameter. I turned it green to final thickness then let it dry - no cracking.

Then I did this to it ...

Its a little primitive but my first truly challenging embellishments.
I hope you like it but either way let me know what you think.
Regards, Tod
  Re: Carved, pierced and painted by TxTawd (Here is a hollow for...)
By and large I like it and wonder what was your inspiration for it? I think it shows really nice technical skills to pull it off. The abrupt transition at the top of the "water line" bothers me, both inside and out. As I'm typing I'm going back and forth and looking at your piece. I think I feel the same way about the water line and the bottom and would like to see that with some interruptions as well. I have to say I am offering these thoughts knowing full well I could never do such a piece so take my opinion for what it's worth.
I do think it is an outstanding first effort.
Steve K

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I can not see the first picture but I really like what I see in the second one.

I know the water level seems abrupt but that is how water is in a pond or small pool with tadpoles are growing. I also like the little touches on the leaves coming out of the water with some of the white showing like the sun shining off of them.

Since I do not know a ton about what you did but what looks nice I might have had the bottom flair out a little to give it more depth.

It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

Hi, I'm Arlin's proud wife! His brain trma & meds-give memory probs and has pain from injuries, but all is well materially & financially.  
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Guys thanks for the responses and I must apologize as I should have posted a different photo that shows the piece fully completed. The one above shows an unfinished interior and no lacquer topcoat.
Here is the final piece ...

Steve K - First thanks for the comments/critique - much appreciated you takin' the time and all. The inspiration was from a childhood boy scout camp called 'Lost Lake' about an hour northwest of Calgary, AB. It was really a marsh land area with a mud bottom lake full of frogs, bugs, snails and leeches. Even with all that we would canoe and swim and just pull or burn leeches of each other afterward.

I used photos from the internet of marsh grasses, tadpoles, snails, etc to get the general drawing onto the bare shape. From there using a coping saw, flex-shaft power carving, woodburner, etc. The coloring is from Prismacolor markers and 90% alcohol rub. This is definitely the most carving I have done - almost too much.

I see what you mean about the waterline transitions but I wanted the perspective of looking both above and below the water line. There is not a lot of water movement (i.e. waves, etc) in marshland waters so i never thought of making anything but flat or level. Hopefully the interior coloring in the final piece helps this look better.

Arlin - thanks for the comments. The end result was not in mind when I turned the shape. The shape was turned more for practice with my deep hollowing boring bar and to see what I could turn. So as a pratice piece I turned a simple 'stovepipe' shape. Once it was complete and dry then I stated thinking about what to do with it. So next time I will put a little more thought into the final piece before starting - maybe.
Regards, Tod
  Re: Carved, pierced and painted by TxTawd (Here is a hollow for...)
I think it's brilliant. Lots of creativity and great choice of textures and colors. Kudos!
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
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That deserves a triple WOW. Beautiful work.

ABC(Anything But Crapsman)club member
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That is really cool. It gives me a lot of ideas.

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