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I know it isn't the cheapest way to get it, but for small quantities this might be a viable way to easily purchase small amounts. Assuming it is the same stuff.

I noticed the other day that the main ingredient in a popular laxative is polyethylene glycol 3350. First question, is this the same PEG that is used in wood stabilization and archaeological conservation of submerged artifacts? The other question is whether they put anything else in there that might cause problems.

Just a thought. I know Rockler sells PEG for about $60 for a 10 lb can of it. Smaller quantities of this in laxative form can be had for south of $10 a pound.

What say the experts?
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The 1000 refers to the polymer weight. The 3350 would probably be more difficult to dissolve - experiment worth it. Get one of the submersible aquarium heaters to keep the water warm when soaking your stuff. Alcohols and water are miscible in all proportions.

Don't know if you'll find it more difficult to get a finish on the heavier stuff.
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Here is an article on using peg, not sure if its the same product you want to buy. Will give lot more info to work with gives you the good bad & ugly on using the stuff.
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I work with it, thanks. Got the Spielman book. It enjoyed a vogue with turners maybe 35 years ago. Now I only use it for mallets.
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