Re: Errors by sysadmin (Please post any erro...)
I tried editing my S&S post (Lie Nielsen Fall Spectacular) and its telling me I have 20 pictures. There are less than 10, and its not letting me reduce what 
is already there????
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I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Could you clarify where it is telling you that you have 20 pictures and what you are trying to do when you try to reduce them? Could you provide links to the post, the page where you are trying to reduce the pictures, and the page that tells you that you have 20 pictures?
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For example, I just tried adding some text to this post, and got the error message about too many pictures:

OK, can't link to error page, so here is page prior to edits:

Here is error message:

Edit Post
Please correct the following errors before continuing:
The message you entered contained 20 images, while only 10 images per message are allowed. Please lower the image count in your message to meet the limit.

I simple added some text to the subject line, and got the above error in response.
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Okay, I've decreased the limitations on several aspects of posting. It should work now.
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That did it: Thanks much!
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The picture upload function appears to be broken again. The file uploads and indicates it is available to add to a post, but displays as an empty box. Same is true even if you leave it as a separate thumbnail.

It may be related, but in a thread where I had previously successfully uploaded a picture, it now also displays as an empty box.
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Can you provide one or two links to where this is happening?
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Yes, it occurred here:

The picture in my original posting was an upload, and was visible for all of the days that the thread was originally active (been dormant for a while).

I made an update post to it today that also included a new upload picture. That picture was 750x563 (5" @ 150dpi), and when it didn't display, I resized it down to 500x375 (5" @ 100 dpi).

The upload itself appeared to be successful, because the extra buttons to insert it into the post were displayed. They don't show if the upload fails. I tried to insert it, then delete it and use just thumbnail, and then back to insert. None were visible.

Here is another example from today. Down near the bottom of the thread, the user EdL uploaded a picture and encounter the same problem.
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  Re: RE: Errors by sysadmin (Fixed....)
An ad box on top of the screen announced in bold letters that I had a private message; when I clicked on it, it locked my machine with some idiotic message about what I should click on to get out of where ever it took me.  

Had to shut down and reboot to get anything to work, but one of the advertisers here is not playing nice....

Thanks, Gents.

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