Re: Password Hashing Upgrade by sysadmin (Tomorrow I will be u...)
I have upgraded the password hashing system.  If anyone has trouble logging in after this, you can use the contact form here or here.
  Re: Notices by sysadmin (Notices about the fo...)
(09-28-2016, 02:11 PM)sysadmin Wrote: I just made some improvements to the threaded mode.  Now it is displayed roughly the same as the linear mode, but you can click the upper-left arrows to expand and minimize each tree.  Additionally, it can be paginated now if you don't want to load an entire large thread at once.  Pagination works with threaded mode by displaying any post that does not have a parent on the page that you are viewing with no indentation.

All articles in a thread now show as being replies to the OP's randomly numbered article.

This is in both linear and threaded mode.

In threaded mode they actually all display as replies to the OP.

In linear mode, the header line for the reply is always to the OP article subject and first bit.

This has been going on for a while now with multiple posts in this forum flagging the issue.
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