older rigid 18v nicad tools
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thanks for the replies everyone, and the new lithiums do indeed fit and work with my old 18V tools. i've just got too many of 'em that i like, and i really didn't wanna just toss 'em. i knew about the charger, so i did get a new one that'll do nicads and lithiums.

oh, and pretty good deal on the batteries -- 2 18v 4.0 ah -- $90!!! definitely got lucky with that deal.

oh, i also wanted to mention that the whole lifetime warranty thing (as far as batteries) only applies to ones that come in a set -- not if you just buy the batteries separately. kinda funky.
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Wouldn't buying a new drill with 2 batteries and a new charger be buying a new set. It may cost a little more than $90 but not much, then you would have lifetime batteries. As it is when your new batteries go south you will be back in the same position.

Please forgive me if one feels that I am trying to argue. It is just that I have thrown away an older 14 V Porter Cable drill and another named drill because of the battery problem. I now have a Bosch and I love it as well as a couple of other brands of 12 volt, but I will, in the future face, the same problem again.  

If I had known then, what I know now, I would have purchased Rigid and been done with the problem. So I say to someone on the fence it is something to consider. 

And I am truely happy that you made your decision and feel you did well because you are pleased  with the outcome.

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that's certainly something i could have looked into, but when i saw the 2-pack of 4.0 ah batteries for $90, i just couldn't turn it down. i'm not sure if there's a drill out there with these capacity batteries??
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I haven't looked for other brands, but there is a plentiful supply of Dewalt aftermarket 18v batteries. So I'm sticking with those tools

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