3M Accuspray Gun
Hit the Hwy 127 Yard sale today. First stop and I spot a 3M Accuspray box with a gun and 3 spray tips (1.8) and they look unused. No price and not sure what it was worth, I offered $5 and she said yes. Later I find out that this is a $140 kit. It is missing the air flow valve, but a replacement is only $22.

This does not have the product cups and the only ones I found online were a kit that contains the cup, 50 lids and 50 liners for $100. 

What can I spray with this (woodworking related)?

Can I use the different size tips with this?

What else do I need to know about this gun?
You need to know that you suck.

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You might be able to use this  PPS Starter Kit  with it.  I got 5 liners and lids with my Qualspray gun and I'm still using them after 6 months and gallons of finish.  You also might be able to use smaller nozzles with it, too, but I'm not sure.  Do some research at 3M spray solutions.

Scoony,  do you know what the model of the gun is? I have a Accuspray gun that I really like. I have mine set up with a .09 tip and a pps pressure cup. I use it for shellac. I have used it for clear finish with a 1.2 tip also. I think mine is an Accuspray type 10. It sounds like you got a really good deal no matter what model you got though.
I have the HG09.  

Seems like the other tips should fit this. 3M's website dosnt seem to have any reference on what fits what, so I will send them a email before buying the other stuff for it. 

I am guessing that the 1.8 will be good for water-based finish

I was thinking that 1.4 would be good for shellac, should I look at smaller tips for shellac?

   I actually have one of those exact guns. I use it with the big red colored tips (I think it is a 2.0) for paint. Mostly I spray milk paint. I haven't tried the 1.8 tips but I've used the 1.4 tips which were a little too big for clears. Now they are making 1.2 and 1.3 tips which would be better for clears I think. The big thing I noticed with that gun was there was a lot of finish in the air. I know they say they are HVLP but it seems more like a high pressure gun. Long story but I got the gun with a ton of tips.  If you send me a PM with your address I will send you some of each of the tips I have. I have the 1.4, 1.8, and 2.0. I don't have any of the 1.2 or 1.3 tips yet as they were not making those yet when I got mine. I also have a bunch of the disposable liners and lids I can send but I don't have any extra cups but eBay is the best place to get those. I think I got two or the cups for $25 there. I can send you the link for the seller I used. I have bought quite a few finishing items from them and had really good service. I have the PPS system on all my spray guns and love it. I even have it in my cheep Harbor Freight guns. Once you have the cups and liners all you need is a $10 quick disconnect for each of your additional guns. The tips last a long time as long as you take care of them. I'm still on my first tip after over a year.

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